Services we provide:

Practice inspection and review and updating of policies and procedures related to Anaesthesia Care tailored to your specific practice and clinic needs, equipment and pollution control quality assurance programming and other required clinical and organizational documentation in preparation for OHP compliance with the CPSO.

Capital equipment acquisition strategies: through our network of partners we can support you with acquiring Anaesthetic Gas Machines, physiological monitors, normothermic warming systems (including fluid warmers and convective warming blankets), Defibrillators, ECG machines, infusion pump systems, volumetric pump solutions program and more with manufacturer direct purchasing, financing and leasing programs. All capital medical devices include optional biomedical services and preventative maintenance programming that can be included in the purchase or financing.

OR and clinic workstations and storage solutions program: including crash carts, anaesthesia work stations, supplies and storage cabinets, and narcotic cabinets.

Anaesthesia pharmaceuticals solutions program: you’ll have access to our licensed pharmacists for drug updates and alerts, anaesthesia drug inventory systems and anaesthesia pharmaceutical acquisitions and supplies including: antiemetic and symptom relief drugs, anti-arrhythmics, vasodilators and vasopressors, ACLS pre-loaded medications, local anaesthetic agents, intravenous anaesthetic agents, inhaled/volatile agents, narcotics and other pain management drugs.

Anaesthesia products and consumable solutions program at Hospital pricing direct from the manufacturer: including safety engineered needles and IV catheters, IV tubing, oxygen supplies, bag valve mask resuscitators,  airway supplies – LMAs, ETTs, OPAs and NPAs (hypopharyngeal and endotracheal airways of all sizes and types), difficult airway /intubation supplies, laryngoscope systems, epidural kits and supplies, spinal kits and supplies, regional nerve locators/stimulators and insulated needles and a myriad of other anaesthesia supplies to support a variety of anaesthetic techniques in  level 2 pain clinics, procedural and diagnostic centers (Endoscopy/Diagnostic Imagining), and up to full level 3 surgical and dental suites utilizing general anaesthesia.

Environmental and pollution control solutions program: we offer air quality spot checks and annual pollution control programming and record keeping for OR environments that use inhaled anaesthetics and scavenging systems. Our partners also offer Blue Zone volatile scavenging systems that include government sponsored carbon tax credits for the environmentally conscious practitioner.  

Quality Assurance Programming and record keeping for essential equipment: we will assist you in developing a preventative maintenance program and schedule for your point of care lab testing equipment, Anaesthetic Gas Machines, Defibrillators, Medical Gas Supply Systems, infusion systems and syringe pump drivers and other essential anaesthesia equipment in an organizer and easy to reference binder to be keep in your office for CPSO audits and medical-legal referencing.