Will I be assured compliance with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Out of hospital Premises Guidelines and Regulations?

IHFQA Inc. quality assurance programs are based on the CPSO OHP guidelines and regulations and the Canadian Anaesthesia Society Standards of Practice. Our programs are evidence based and utilize best practice principles in line with the same standards of care as an Ontario hospital based anaesthesia care program. By choosing IHFQA services and following our programs we will ensure that you will be fully prepared to confidently gain approval by the CPSO. Your personalized QA program will always be immediately and securely accessible through the internet and also you will have complete onsite paper copies of references and assessments. Computerized reports can be generated to ensure organized and complete reporting to CPSO assessors.

Will I have to take time away from my practice to prepare for CPSO OHP site assessment?

At IHFQA, we have the expertise to implement quality assurance planning and execute practice changes in preparation for CPSO site assessment in order to minimize any possible disruption to your practice. IHFQA offers flexible hours including evenings and week-end scheduling to minimize the impact on your practice’s regular hours of operations.

How will IHFQA programs benefit my practice?

Our programs are designed to not only align with all regulations and standards by the CPSO and CAS, but to also provide the best clinical care for your patients in the most efficient manner.

Is IHFQA Inc. insured and protected?

Our consultants are registered health care professionals regulated under the Regulated Health Professions Act (1991), Health Professions Procedural Code (1991), The Medicine Act (1991) and the Respiratory Therapy Act (1991). IHFQA Inc. carries Errors and Omissions liability insurance. Additionally our consultants carry professional liability insurance and are members in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and/or the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario.

How much is the IHFQA Inc. consulting fees?

IHFQA charges a standard initial consult fee which includes a practice review, opportunities and recommendations report, documentation updating and development (including policy and procedure development for specific anaesthesia care related to your practice), quality assurance planning and programming and enrolment into our solutions partners program. We offer the same fee for new and existing practices. There are additional fees for special projects that fall outside the scope of the initial consult model. Contact our office and a consultant will review our fee schedule and special projects remuneration with you.

What is the IHFQA Inc. Solutions Partners program and how do I access it?

Our anaesthesia solutions partners program is a network of key vendors that offer anaesthesia and OR storage solutions, anaesthesia pharmaceuticals, biomedical support, clinic infrastructure design and planning, environmental and air quality assurance programming, anaesthesia and pain medicine capital and consumable acquisitions at fair and equitable pricing through partnership agreements with IHFQA. This program offers financial benefits and improved economics while enhancing equipment performance and lifespan. Contact our office to hear more about joining the IHFQA solutions partners program.

Do you offer leasing and financing options for capital acquisitions?

All of our anaesthesia solutions partners offer purchasing, financing and leasing options for all capital equipment.

Do you provide support for continued quality assurance and educational resources?

IHFQA also offers a fee for service continued quality assurance support program including off site file management of your QA program, equipment maintenance records, air quality assurance records, anaesthesia solutions partner program profile. Our consulting solutions include updates in evidence based practices and policy and procedures related to anaesthesia care in your practice. All files are available in paper and electronically stored on our encrypted customer web portal. Talk to our quality assurance consultant for details.

How do I acquire IHFQA Inc. Services?

IHFQA Inc. main office number is 905-773-9300 and our service coordinator will be happy to direct your call. You can also access our office through the “contact us” section of our website or email us at office@ihfqa.ca and one of our quality assurance consultants will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.