At Independent Health Facilities Quality Assurance Inc. will ensure that your practices’ operations employ a quality assurance program that complies with the current regulations and guidelines from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario regarding Out-of-Hospital Premises (OHP) standards.

We will perform a thorough practice assessment and make recommendations by clinical experts in anaesthesia to help you comply with the Out-of-Hospital Premise Standards, Canadian Anaesthesia Society and CPSO guidelines.

We have comprehensive services to assist you. Whether you are looking to update your current quality assurance program to meet the CPSO OHP guidelines, or whether you want to initiate a completely new process - we can assist you in all aspects.  Our services can be utilized by all practices large or small in order to accommodate all three levels of anaesthesia care as outlined by the CPSO OHP standards.

We utilize an inter-professional team to assess and ensure compliance to the OHP guidelines. We can help protect your business interests through both quality assurance planning and competitive equipment and resources acquisitions. We provide professional practice advice, documentation and policy and procedure development for anaesthesia care, anesthesia equipment performance, and anaesthesia related occupational health and safety requirements.

Our goal is to provide a one stop, comprehensive services to ensure full access to resources and solutions for your personalized anaesthesia care program that will comply with the CPSO OHP standards and requirements. With one phone call (905-773-9300) we will schedule a meeting with you and your staff and tailor a program to suit your needs.